It’s 5:12. What are YOU doing?

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated this. I ended up being a vagina and taking down the other blog that condemned my mother to a fiery pit in whatever hell you believe in. Oh well.


Yes, I am Shannon’s brother. No, my blog is nothing like hers. If you have come here to read about sunshine and bunnies, you are barking up the wrong blog. Go away.


I have until seven o clock this morning to write a blog worth reading. I’ll give it a shot.

Man. It’s been a ridiculous couple of months since I decided to take a hiatus from writing. Many things have happened. It’s a new year. A new start. I’m more than a little bit glad to put 2010 behind me. It was a year filled with woe and sadness and I’m quite glad to see the back of it. I’ve made a few new years resolutions. I plan on working out frequently, going to the gym, working out, getting into shape, eat right, defining my muscle tone, going to work out at the fitness center, and getting myself back into something that resembles shape. I also plan on updating this at least once a week. We’ll see how well that works out.


I got a drum set. Jesus Christ, it finally happened. No, I’m not in a band. Yes, I am better than you are at the drums. No, I won’t teach you. I am also getting a Husky/Lab pup! Stoked. I’m not sure what to name him…but Fenrir is at the top of my list. Yes, that is a Norse Wolf God. No, I’m not a humongous faggot that got that off of a video game. I actually read about Loki and Fenrir a long time ago. I love the name, but I mean…I’ve never had anything to name Fenrir before.


So far, this blog is less than interesting. I’m actually somewhat annoyed with myself because I generally hate writing about what I’ve done this week, month, etc. But hey, it is now 5:19 in the morning. I’m gonna cut myself a little slack.

It’s been interesting lately to watch the slow deterioration of my family. I say interesting because to slap yet another lamentable term onto it would just suck. My mother has sunk further and further into the abyss that is alcoholism. My father is sick of it. I am sick of it. It sucks, but there it is. Shannon and Andrew are both sick of it. Welcome to the Mimms family, Mandrew! Haha, how jaded. We’re all hoping that she will pull through this. But honestly, I believe she’ll pull through this about as much as I believe that Wes Albrecht will stop being a troll.


I was on a friends formspring today. Someone misspelled the word modeling with the word medeling. Who the fuck allowed these people to live past the budding stages of infancy? How on EARTH were you able to fuck that up? You didn’t even spell the word ‘meddling’ right, which rules out a ‘klever’ insult. These people seriously make my blood pressure build past the point of no return. I have to laugh when I see this because THAT is the next generation. I swear to whatever deity exists that these kids coming up are dumber than Bush when he’s trying to give a speech about something he can’t pronounce or understand, like politics. I actually saw one such moron have the nerve to rant about stupid people. They misspelled half of their words and just made me want to kill myself about halfway through. It was some belligerent idiot on one of my friends statuses. I even commented on it. I was amazed that this person no doubt commanded the respect of multiple people. They were hellbent on calling someone else stupid while using the bible as a source of credibility to fuel their argument. Yes, this is going to be a rant about religion and stupidity. (Not that there is a difference.)   Hang onto your hats, you’re in a for a treat if you stuck this far.

The end of the world. That’s what it was about. It actually infuriated me that this was even a fucking discussion, much less that a bible touting moron WON the argument. Or at least, they thought they did. I could name names, but I’m not to that point yet and this is just so much more fun to do. Everyone and their grandma knows that the world is ‘supposed’ to end in 2012. The common notion is that this is a fallacy. But the idea itself took root in the homo erectus that still walk among us, thinking they can fool the person with two brain cells to rub together that they are still in the same league, and it spread fear. It spread the Hollywood movies and zealots. But what I didn’t count on was the religious backlash I’ve seen from even the mere RUMOR that the world will end. Yes, the Mayans died out and they stopped updating their calendar. I’m aware the calendar repeats itself, but so many other options spring to mind on what might have happened to them that the end of the world theory makes me want to beat my head against a wall, and not gently. The end of a fucking sentence doesn’t meant it’s the end of the story. Fuck.  So, this genius with her adventure bible and Jesus pop out book decided to make her point. I couldn’t help but laugh at the futility of it all. Some Psalm was quoted that nobody cares about and she decided to throw the word fuck and shit in there a few times. It made her look like an ass and now it’s spawned this little section of my blog where I just have to rant about it. I’m sorry that I don’t look at the bible as a historically accurate source, Helen Keller. I’m sorry that I don’t think that a great wizard in the sky and his self help book overrules everything that science has proven and finalized.  The bible says that ‘no man knoweth the day, hour, blah blah fuck shit titties.’ That only God himself knows. So tell me, bible genius fuck. If there were three cups of water and only God knew which one was poisoned (he SAID he knew, THEN had a HUMAN write it down, and it has been MILLENIA since it’s been written, has been manipulated by several kings and a fair chunk of churches) would you drink from the one He said? If you said yes, slap yourself. If you said no, pat yourself on the back. You know the difference between faith and blind faith.


Fuck me in the beard. It’s not 5:43 in the morning and I’m ready to go to bed. Night shifts suck.


If you read this far, you deserve a reward. So here is a picture of General Patton reincarnate.



Until next week….


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